We consider professionalism a binding commitment to our business partners and associates. Through solid research and innovation, we were able to develop, own and cultivate several premium brands which we are proud to introduce.

  • Cavallix 

Cavallix brand is divided into 2 product divisions: the Shaving System and the Personal Care. Cavallix Shaving System contains premium razor systems and premium disposable razors; providing both men and women consumers with a high quality and innovative wet shaving products. Cavallix Personal Care, on the other hand, is composed of quality personal hygiene items like shaving foam, shaving gel, shaving cream, aftershave, deodorant and bath products.

  • Filly & Pony 

We supply a complete selection of disposable diapers with fundamental benefits designed for the baby’s comfort, ease and safety. Our diapers offer beneficial features like fast-absorbing distribution system, flexible hooks, loop bands, and anti-leak barriers and made out of hypo-allergenic materials.

  • Carine 

We also provide Carine-- a progressive premium brand for feminine sanitary napkins. It offers a range of products made for maintaining everyday hygiene and perfect protection before and after menstruation. It is designed for preventing, reducing and treating intimate discomfort and diseases.

  • Al Khail 

Al Khail is a brand for premium tea and high quality charcoal. We provide premium quality tea which is processed from the handpicked tea leaves carefully selected in the sun-kissed island of Sri Lanka. This rich prefect blended tea satisfies all consumer tastes and expectations. We also supply the most appreciated and highly-acclaimed quality of Barbecue and Shisha Charcoal. It is extracted from 100% natural hard and pure wood and especially produced for both local and international markets.

Inspired by the success of our present brands, we delve into the possibility of increasing our existing pool of product line. We strive to continuously develop and innovate high quality products with affordable prices for our clientele.