Khuyool Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are valuable commodities traded in the market today, accounting for a large amount of energy consumption in the world. With the rise of industrial developments, as well as improvement of standards of living, the demand for oil and gas also increases. Because of this, Khuyool devised a method on how to address this growing demand for energy resources; thus, the KHUYOOL OIL AND GAS idea was born.

Khuyool Oil is a part of the prospective Group of Companies, Khuyool, as its independent trading arm specializing in oil and oil products trade. The company merges its high extensive level of contacts in the oil industry with partners. Middle East supply network and their track record to supply the end users. With this group of partners, companies and reliable associates, Khuyool have completed oil transactions recently and expanded its international team of oil traders. At present, the company is able to supply petroleum products to include a range of crude and refined products.