Khuyool which means horses in Arabic has consistently grown into a company driven by high spirit, alertness and endurance that Arabian horses are long reputed for and continues its never fatiguing race towards new horizons by cultivating and rewarding diligence and innovation in its dedicated staff whom it considers the most valuable asset.

The amazing success story of Khuyool Group started when Engineer Fahad Ali Mousa and Engineer Kussay Al-Sheikh, two of UAE’s most ambitious entrepreneurs, decided to join hands. Together, they brought into the industry their experience and willpower with a dream to establish a world class business conglomerate and become the industry pioneer in offering unique investment opportunities.

Today, Khuyool Group is one of the fastest growing groups in the region. Out of the AED 8 billion worth investment plans it has announced to date, Khuyool has achieved a significant 35% of the total investment allocation.


This huge capital is ear marked to invest in the booming local real estate market over the coming few years. The company is currently expanding its activities out of Dubai. It has forayed to new markets both in Europe and Asia where it is planning to unveil a number of huge real estate projects in Jordan, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and India.

Following in the footsteps of Khuyool Group, the company subsidiaries are also fast catching up in their pursuit to take the leadership position in their respective fields capitalizing on the parent company’s capital firmness, industry wisdom and dedicated team spirit, thus substantially contributing in the shaping the Khuyool of tomorrow.